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$50 Semi-Private Training (Pricing is for the group not per individual)

semi private training     

     Semi-private training is an underrated, more affordable structure proven successful
     in various areas from the athlete looking to gain an edge to the 9 to 5 desk worker
     looking to become fit. This type of training offers a client-to-trainer ratio of up to 5:1.
     Not only is it more affordable than the traditional private session, it provides a
     motivating, encouraging, and enjoyable atmosphere. Furthermore studies show
     working in groups increases production.

Personal Training:
Per Hour

personal trainingWith a systematic approach towards each individual, it allows the
professional to identify a program that works best for each person as opposed to a one-size-fits-all program taken off the Internet and given
to a client. As specialists in this field, we have scientific ways to identify
your weakness and give you the most appropriate corrective strategy.
Then watch your body take its fitness to the next level!

How can Dynamics Training Benefit You?
• Goal setting and establishing benchmarks on all levels
• Monitoring progress safely and effectively to reach your goals
• Weight loss 
• Break through plateaus
• Improve technique (It’s not always what you do; it is HOW YOU DO IT.)
• Increase performance (Sitting down to exercise is a thing of the past.
   As human beings, we are meant to move. Your body needs to be trained
   this way in order to maximize performance and gain functional strength.)
• Prevent injury (As we get older, so do our bodies. If you train efficiently,
   age is only a number.)
• Motivation (helping you develop a program you can stay with)

Interested but need a partner? Allow us to find a partner for you based on your ability level.

One-on-One Training Offers a successful trainer–to-client approach where the client is guided safely and effectively towards
his/her goals with an individualized attention and program structure.

Athletes/Team Performance Training For athletes/teams looking to remain strong and durable throughout the season or for those looking to gain a pre-season edge, Dynamics offers customized sport specific programs as well as comprehensive screening and assessment strategies. The Dynamics staff can assist athletes in reaching their potential and gain in the areas of strength, stability, power, speed and agility, and flexibility as well as prevent injury to keep them on the court or playing field longer. Whether you are a multi-sport or one-sport athlete, allow us to further your athleticism and take you to the next level. Dynamics offers ACCOMMODATING services and rates for athletes and teams. We also offer training at our fully equipped facility or we will come to you!

Endurance Athlete Training Dynamics offers customized programs for endurance athletes from one mile to marathon,
triathlon athletes and cyclists. We can further provide in depth testing such as V02 max and lactate threshold testing for efficiency
and improved performance.

Corporate Training Allow Dynamics to help in getting your company moving to keep your employees productive, motivated and healthy. In addition to group training, we offer nutrition and wellness services. Call soon to discuss our accommodating services and rates.


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