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SUNDAY: 8am* | 9am | 10:10am**
MONDAY: 6am | 12pm | 5pm | 6:10pm
TUESDAY: 5am | 9am | 5:30pm | 6:40pm*
WEDNESDAY: 6:00am | 12pm | 5pm | 6:10pm
THURSDAY: 5am | 9am | 5:30pm | 6:40pm*
FRIDAY: 6am | 12pm
SATURDAY: 7:30am | 8:40am
* BASIC Class - 45 minutes
** Regular Class - 45 minutes
Scarborough SCHEDULE
SUNDAY: 8:30am
MONDAY: 6am** | 9:15** | 12pm | 5:15pm** | 6:10pm*
TUESDAY: 6am | 9:15am** | 12pm** | 5:30pm
WEDNESDAY: 5:30am | 9:15am** | 5:15pm** | 6:10pm*
THURSDAY: 6am | 9:15am** | 12pm** | 5:30pm
FRIDAY: FRIDAY: 6am | 9am
SATURDAY: 8am | 9:10am*
* BASIC Class - 45 minutes
** Regular Class - 45 minutes

$6 Group Classes: With a 10 Class Punch Card - Walk-ins $7.50

group workoutA Dynamics boot camp class is a fun, energizing, motivating and challenging experience for both men and women of many different ability levels. The class is fast paced and upbeat and geared towards fat loss and conditioning with an emphasis
on promoting strength, stability and flexibility, all necessary components in any program. From start to finish this class
will keep you moving with a purpose. The theme for each
class is different every time with an arsenal of tools to keep your body guessing, which is extremely necessary to receive results and avoid plateaus. Each class incorporates a series
of agility drills designed to train the body to move efficiently through all planes of movement. Although your body weight
is your primary tool for strength development, other tools will be used such as kettlebells, resistance bands, medicine balls, dumbbells, etc.

Overall this is the “best bang for your buck” type of class, offering Quality over Quantity. Not only is there a place
for all levels of ability to push their bodies to the limit,
the class offers a little incentive for those who don’t
have hours on end to live at the gym. Research proves
that every calorie burned from interval training will burn nine times more fat than any steady state cardiovascular activity, resulting
in enhanced metabolism and a stronger heart. Research further shows that production increases up to 20% when workouts are in
group settings.

Dynamics Boot Camp Do you need a change? Have you reached a plateau? Are you bored? Are you squeezed for time? For those of you who would like more variety in your fitness regimen, come to a Dynamics boot camp and allow us to not only take away the boredom, but show you what works best in the least amount of time. Experience fitness training strategies and styles of the future and allow us to show you what is proven to work. This class is incredibly efficient as well as lifestyle attainable. Yes, we will say it again…. PROVEN TO WORK and LIFESTYLE ATTAINABLE!!

Dynamics Basic Boot Camp Basic classes are designed for clients interested in total body fitness but hesitant to jump into one of our advanced classes. Set at slower tempo, our instructors work to install each individual with what we call “the three C’s,” Correct Form, Conditioning, and Confidence. Whether your goal is to eventually join one of our advanced classes, to continue to improve in our basic class, or to just improve your overall fitness, Dynamics’ basic classes are a fun and energetic way to achieve these goals.


weight training trx bands running drills


Can I bring a friend? YES! Everyone is welcome. We encourage and highly recommend partnering.

Do I have to sign up in advance? No advance notice is required. Walk-ins are always welcome. We do ask that you
that you show up a few minutes early to sign paperwork as well as discuss any limitations you may have with the instructor.

How often should I come? This answer could depend on several factors including what other activities you may be involved in.
The average client may take anywhere from two to four classes per week.

What to expect? Expect a fun, motivating experience in a positive atmosphere that will bring both a physical and mental challenge.

Fitness levels? All fitness levels are welcome. Exercises can be modified to accommodate all levels. We will push you at YOUR level.
We do offer basic classes as it is important that everyone has a place to start and build upon. A good foundation is everything.

What happens if I can’t keep up? There is no “keeping up.” You’re only in competition with yourself.
Keep up a pace that you are comfortable with and work to improve on that pace in the upcoming sessions.

Rules? There are no specific rules. The expectation for class is that you go at your own pace while still doing your best
to push yourself. We expect you to take adequate rest and water breaks when necessary as well as have fun!

What should I wear? Any athletic wear is adequate. However, we do ask that you wear a pair of clean shoes as we do our
best to keep dirt and any debris off the gym floor.

Is this a real boot camp?
No. The term “boot camp” in the fitness world refers to a higher intensity circuit training class.
There will be no drill instructor and no whistle! However, we do promote positive reinforcement and occasionally will have a fun chant.

How does pricing work? Walk-in classes are $7.50. Classes are available at $6 with a 10-pass punch card purchased for $60.

Will I get yelled at???
NEVER! Our philosophy revolves around working hard and having fun. There will never be a time when the instructor or the other attendees will be anything but supportive and encouraging.

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