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Dynamics’ mission is to improve the efficiency of the body while working towards
each individual’s goals, whether they are aesthetic or performance-based.

dynamics fitness   
   Staff Development

    In addition to carrying the highest level of credentials in          the field, the staff at Dynamics is committed to continuing     education. Each trainer regularly attends performance     seminars in order to bring the highest levels of expertise
    and modernized concepts to our clientele.

   A Tailored Fit
   At Dynamics we use cutting edge screening and testing
    strategies developed by industry pioneers to identify the
    weaknesses in each individual’s fitness program and
    develop tailored corrective programs. The techniques we
    use are employed across the country with groups ranging
    from elite athletes to the health conscious looking to make
    lifestyle changes.

Quality vs. Quantity

Why our weight loss system works! Most people feel weight loss consists of long, grueling hours in the gym combined with starvation, a method which ultimately sets people up for failure. Allow the Dynamics staff to redirect and guide you with our qualitative approach. At Dynamics, we understand that contrary to conventional weight loss thinking, less is more. In other words, the focus is on fewer workouts maximized to provide the right results, less calorie counting in favor of lifestyle changes and research-supported diet changes.

boot camp classes portlandWhy So Much Sitting Down?
The philosophy at Dynamics is that the bodies of
athletes and human beings are meant to move and need FUNCTIONAL strength to help them on the playing
field and throughout life. At Dynamics we will have you
sitting down on occasion for a specific movement or two,
but for the most part we will have you up and moving on
your feet, creating strength through core movements
which will provide greater overall benefits for your body.

Get Together
We believe that getting together with a group helps
motivate and support you in pursuing your fitness goals. Whether you’re just looking to mix up your personal routine
or are interested in finding a comfortable starting point to
get fit, you’ll find Dynamics’ group classes are an ideal complement and affordable entry point. Try one and we’re confident you’ll find a quality addition to your regimen.
And we also strongly promote partnering for personal
training sessions.

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